Phillip G. Wolff Endowment

Great community leaders are people with compelling vision and a purpose – one that drives a sense of responsibility. Phil Wolff was one of those people.  

Both an Olympic organizer and the oldest licensed bobsled driver in America, Phil served our community as a founder of the Lake Placid Olympic Museum. His steadfast vision sought to expand the museum’s impact by boosting its outreach to youth. He sought to do this by demonstrating what people from different nations, committed to excellence, can accomplish together. 

Continuing Phil’s Legacy 

In his honor, the museum established its Philip G. Wolff Endowment. This fund pays tribute to his memory and his own contributions to the museum’s success. 

Why an Endowment Fund?

Our endowment is a permanent source of funds that supports our mission every day. Gifts to this fund are a profoundly meaningful and an ever-enduring way to educate and inspire visitors today and far into the future.  

Contributions are held in perpetuity. They are invested wisely. And they earn dividends annually. Only the interest income on the fund’s investments is used to support the museum, and in that way, donations make an impact through the course of one’s lifetime and far beyond. Gifts to the Endowment are investments in the museum, its future, and our community. 

How Endowment Funds are Used

Earnings from the fund make possible activities and projects not funded by visitor revenue or other sources. Fund donors help maintain and preserve valuable historic artifacts. In contributing to the endowment, our generous donors also enable the museum to obtain matching funds for exciting new educational projects that benefit area students. And donors make possible more substantial corporate gifts essential to Phil’s original vision and more. 

How Can I Contribute?

You can contribute to the Endowment through a credit card through the Adirondack Foundation or by contacting the museum to request an endowment form.  

Our museum staff and board of directors are enormously thankful for every gift, regardless of its size, for it demonstrates kindness and compassion and a desire to be part of creating a stronger community.  

All gifts to the fund are acknowledged with a thank you letter and receipt of donation. Major donors of more than $1,000 are recognized on the Endowment Wall at the museum entrance.  

The museum is a 501 (c)(3) Corporation, and your donation is tax deductible under IRS guidelines. Making a gift to our Endowment takes just a few minutes, yet its impact lasts forever.  

Every amount, no matter how much, helps us bring alive the stories, history, and heroes of the Winter Olympics for people around the world. Thank you for considering becoming part of the legacy. 

To donate:

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