Every person makes their own journey in life. Some, when presented with opportunity, do the uncommon things that help them rise to the pinnacle of their sports. The Lake Placid Hall of Fame celebrates those who rise to such greatness.  

Our Hall of Fame also seeks to honor the leaders and visionaries in our community who made possible the Games, the venues, and other keys to our legacy. Like Olympic athletes, they also saw the possibilities, reached higher, and dedicated themselves to the uncommon. And in doing so, they helped Lake Placid achieve greatness.  

Permanent plaques bearing their images and stories commemorate the 130 individuals inducted into our Hall of Fame. Two teams are also among those enshrined: The 1948 U.S. Bobsled Team and the 1980 Men’s Ice Hockey Team.  

To make these plaques easily accessible, they reside in our Olympic Center in the spaces between the 1932 Jack Shea Rink and the Lake Placid Conference Center. There is no charge to view them. They can also be seen on our lakeplacidlegacysites.com website at this link along with the selection criteria and a nomination form.