Think of our museum as a whole other classroom: 

  • Workshops, any time of year, enhance learning in and out of the classroom 
  • Programs are available at the Olympic Center with museum staff 
  • We can come to you! Visits to your school can make everything easier 

We bring decades of experience and can help you engage students in the use of critical thinking. We can engage them in thoughtful inquiry to interpret objects, photographs and artworks, oral histories, and primary sources.  

For field trips to the museum, advanced reservation is required.  

Call us at 518-302-5310 to speak directly with our Museum Director for details on our programming. 

Teacher Resources

The Lake Placid Olympic Museum is happy to provide free materials educators can use to explore winter sports history and Lake Placid’s Olympic legacy. We offer lesson plans, student worksheets, primary resources, learning objectives, suggested materials, and other resources to make teaching the Winter Olympic Games more interactive and fun for students.

Our teacher resources are categorized based on school level (elementary, middle school, and high school) and are created for both in-classroom activities and in-person field trips with optional extension activities available. We encourage educators to adapt lesson plans to meet their classroom’s needs and we invite schools to organize a field trip to the Lake Placid Olympic Museum to discover more!

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School Programs

The Olympic and Paralympic Games happen every two years, yet the essentials they teach us are relevant every day of our lives.  

Through the Olympics and Paralympics we learn it’s not the win that matters most. It’s the journey. Through the Games and the athletes we discover being active, living well, and the essential human values for which the Olympics stand are building blocks to a better world.  

Olympic Values: Friendship | Respect | Excellence | Equality | Determination | Inspiration | Courage  

Our school programs can teach many things – history, critical thinking, inquiry and interpretation – and they also help us learn how sport and values can unify us and be a force for peace.  

Research and Resources

The Museum holds an extensive collection of Olympic materials from both the 1932 and 1980 Olympic Winter Games held in Lake Placid. This includes a vast collection of documents, photographs, video, and more.  

Though the archives can be accessed by researchers, staff assistance is required. Please email [email protected] to make an appointment. 

Archives – The museum holds an extensive collection of Olympic materials from both the 1932 and 1980 Olympic Winter Games held in Lake Placid. The second largest collection in the world, in fact.  

  • The archives mean we can find answers and stories and engaging historical facts not on display in the museum.  
  • The archives can be accessed by researchers. Please email [email protected] to make an appointment.  


Archival materials from Godfrey Dewey, President of the 1932 Olympic Winter Games 

All Lake Placid Olympic Organizing Committee documents pertaining to the planning of the 1980 Olympic Winter Games 

Contains thousands of photographs from Lake Placid’s Winter Olympics and sports history 

10 Fun things to do at the Lake Placid Olympic Museum

Keep students and children engaged during their Lake Placid Olympic Museum visit by completing the “10 Fun Things To Do” activity. This easy-to-follow activity guides visitors through the museum by assigning different tasks to complete that encourage learning and fun at the same time! To download this activity, please visit the link below.